Annual Meeting: February 27 - March 2, 2011
Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, California

The 2011 SIMD meeting was held in the traditional venue of Asilomar, California.

Meeting concluded. 

Q: How does someone obtain an official CME transcript for the 2011 SIMD meeting?

A: For your credit transcript, please access the website below four to six weeks post-course at: and follow the link to the Credit Transcript screen

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Center for Continuing Education in the Health Sciences credit transcript can be obtained via the Internet at  Click on the link “Credit Transcripts”.  Enter the required information (last name , last five digits of social security number), to receive a complete transcript do not enter dates and choose “Submit”. 

The transcript reflects the American Medical Association Category 1 credits or the Continuing Education Units (CEUs) entered into the Center for Continuing Education's database at the present time. This verification reflects the credits earned at the activity.  To print Credit Transcripts please click on the drop down menu next to the Select Option and select Print Credit Transcripts.